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Popular Alternative Therapy Treatments

March 13, 2014


There are occasions when the traditional route to cure or treat debilitating pains and conditions doesn’t work very well and this is one of the reasons that more people are looking to different forms of alternative therapy as a holistic approach to some ailments. In fact in the US for example studies have shown that almost 4 in 10 are using some form of alternative therapy. One of the great advantages of this approach is that it does mean that people using can stay away from some medications which can be both addictive as well as having in some cases producing some nasty side effects too.

Some of the more popular methods include:

Homoeopathic practitioners believe that ingesting small amounts of certain substances can treat those with a range of different conditions. It is said nowadays that 2% of the population of the US uses homoeopathic medicine and patients are given extremely small doses of different substances which are hand picked by the homoeopath.

For those that have not used hypnosis before this relies on getting the patient into an altered state of consciousness and is used for a variety of different things including stress, relief, pain management and weight loss to name but a few.

This is something that has been used by people in India for thousands of years as a way to prevent and to cure illness.Ayurvdeic practitioners use a variety of different approaches which include things like herbs, diet, breathing, sexy tantric massage as well as meditation to treat the body as a whole and get balance back into the body. As well as being widely used to help with a range of illnesses and ailments it has also been shown to be good for boosting memory and improving one’s focus.

This is a therapy which dates back thousands of years in Asia and where acupuncture practitioners use needles to manipulate the body’s energy flow. This concentrates on the flow of energy or Qi within the