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What exactly is Tantra

June 28, 2016

downloadOne of the questions we are asked on a regular basis here is what is Tantra and what is it used for. There are many people that don’t really understand what it is and what it is used for but hear it mentioned all the time.

Tantra or also tantric massage is basically a type of massage that makes use of sexual energy in order to achieve a much deeper and higher level of consciousness. Your massage therapist can use sensual deft touches in the process of your erotic tantric massage to stimulate you, awaking energy fields within the body and also helping to free up energy in the chakra’s which are energy stores in the spinal area of the body.

Many therapists will combine tantra with something like a sexy lingam massage, although it does depend where and how you receive it as to how much it follows the main Tantra principles or whether it is more of a rub and a tug so to speak. Couples that venture onto this field are more looking for enlightenment and also a method of better connecting with their partner. In addition to this they can manage to grow their bond both emotionally and sexually as well as becoming calmer and more relaxed individuals through following tantra not only as a tool for sexual wellbeing but also as a way of life

People use Tantra for so many different reasons but chief among them is to get peace. As it is considered to be an all-encompassing therapy that combines body, mind and spirit those that really do well with this philosophy can find that their lives really are transformed for the better and can have a completely different outlook on life through choosing this path of spiritual and emotional enlightenment